Thursday, September 13, 2007


I totally forgot that we went to TWO fairs this weekend - on Saturday D and I went 90 miles to a little county fair that my friend K was playing marimbas at with her band, which has some unpronouncable ethnic name. They are pretty fun, and I was feeling really badly that I hadn't heard her play for 2 years! Of course, while I'm there (and sick) they mentioned that they are coming to my city in November (thanks guys!). Oh well, it was a long drive home though.

Sunday we went to the big interstate fair. What a racket, there is more stuff but nothing really better - as far as rides for kiddies and "here's a goat" kind of looking at stuff. I'm sure the quality is higher, but the cost is too, and we had to park about a mile away (part of our fabulous exercise program!). I did get my favorite ice creme dipped in hot fudge and rolled in nuts thing, total ambrosia. Ds favorite thing Sat was a fun-house that he would never have made it through had I not carried him half of the way; and Sunday he liked the army display for their proposed museum because they had a great big model plane. We probably dropped over $100 on everything, certainly more if you count the gas! So we'll be staying home for a while now.

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