Wednesday, September 26, 2007

on stage...rant

That was awful last night - for some reason they told us to be there early to set up in the pit, and then we weren't allowed in the pit until after 7. grr. Oh well. Then the balance was awful, and no one (including conductor) could hear the singers, and he was not high enough for them to see, etc etc. The good thing was that after the breatk balance was better, and for some reason we weren't as crowded as I had feared (it was still a squish though!). Worst part is that I am directly in front of the door. It seems I'm always last getting my Stuff together, and I like to spread out and make a "nest" in the pit, so this is a drag. And each night there will be TWO intermissions, so I have to move everything three times. ALSO I can't really set up until everyone is in, and Ijust HATE that, especially since I have to tune everyone. GRRR. AND my reeds sucked. So I'm off to try and remedy that at least!

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