Monday, September 10, 2007


I have reached a point in my "career" when it seems weird to talk about taking lessons - so I like to call them coaching sessions. But they really are lessons. Anyway, I haven't been doing it regularly, but now that D is in school I hope to practice more and maybe even make my own reeds all the time! G is my "coach" and also makes AWESOME reeds, which I have used since D was born. He isn't taking new clients or I would totally recommend these reeds. Lucky for me I can afford to just buy them, I think he charges $20 unless I get snazzy staples. But sometime I do reed-making lessons, sometimes I play for him, and usually it is very rewarding.

Today we played through the Bach double - he played the vln part and it was so fun! There is nothing like playing with another oboe to tell if you are really in tune - there is no hiding and there are several unison parts in the Bach. But this is excellent prep work for playing with P (our concertmaster) later. Having lessons seems to focus my attention on what exactly I'm working toward in my playing.

And the DOM asked me to play something in church this week, so I'm kicking around ideas - have already done Gabriel's Oboe (perfect for many things and easy), Abinoni, Bach Arioso and several solo arias, and a bunch of other stuff; was considering slow mvts from Saint Saens or Nielsen or one of the French Recital Pieces...if anyone has any thoughts please let me know!

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patty said...

I always enjoy playing a Telemann Fantasy movement or two. And then I don't have to work with anyone else, so I don't have to arrange rehearsing.