Sunday, September 16, 2007

playing in the morning

Today I am playing for church, just oboe, which should be fun. After the responsibility of directing the bells, just showing up and making music is kind of a treat! Of course, we also make music when I direct (hopefully), but there are so many details I have to pay attention to; like is everyone here, are there enough tables set up, are the right bells out, does everyone know how many times to play through the hymn, WHY did so-and-so wear that orange beaded sweater, etc, etc, etc. But today is all about me (well, not really!)

P should be in the air right now, he is coming first to the east coast and working his way to the west! So exciting to see him, I think it has been two years. And to not even be in cell phone range just stinks.

Must go wake the child, we may actually make it to Sunday School this morning!

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