Saturday, September 29, 2007

Now I am totally awake - just got home from the opera, and I really need to rest so I can get through it again tomorrow!

It went pretty well, I actually forgot a cut in act 3 (getting a little loopy by then) but I didn't play anything wrong as the clarinet saw I was confused in my counting and got my back on SECONDS before a large and very high solo. Yay. Pitch wasn't all it could have been, but I was so happy I made a reed that played low and high and was good for the soft entrances.

The only big pain was after the breaks everyone didn't sit down in the pit, some people (who shall of course, remain nameless!) were doing whatever and I can't move my chair back into the pit until they are all in. SO frustrating. I have no where to sit during the break, but mostly I don't mind, if everyone would just get back so I could tune. After the 2nd intermission I actually had to tune standing up and the clarinet player brought in my chair from behind while the flute shut the door. NOT ideal. Can't wait to do it again!

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