Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So I have been sick sick sick, Monday I thought it was just a little coldy thing, but after my coaching session (hahaha) I basically came home and did nothing for 3 days. I am soooo glad D is in school all day! But I had great plans for this week- oh well, tomorrow I plan to rehearse SOMETHING (who knows what) for church. And tonight I actually showed up for bell choir (more than I can say for some of the ringers). And the DOM was so great, she had put copies of the music we will play on the 23rd in my box!!! This is a week earlier than I usually get it, and we really need at least two weeks even to play chords. It is hard for them to get it in their ears without endless repetition. So I survived, and I'm feeling pretty good right now - hopefully the afliction has passed!

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