Saturday, September 8, 2007


Thursday was our first official rehearsal of the season. I am kind of disappointed by the music, but I was prepared to have not much (and I was right!) We are playing the Haydn 101 (clock) and Brahms Double (vln & cello). Both kind of a snore for the oboe, although I'm sure the Brahms will be lovely when the soloists come. No Brahms Vln Conc kinda solo for me though! Which is many ways is a relief. Also doing the Rimsky-Korsakov Procession of the Nobles, which is fun but we won't rehearse that til Oct probably - our first concert is Oct 13th. This is a drag because we will play this boring music for SIX more rehearsals *sigh*.

I think our group is really ready for some serious management. Like these rehearsals - this concert could be put together in 3 rehearsals easily. And we could be looking at other music instead of twiddling our thumbs now.

My personal pet peeve - not telling people who only play in one or two things (like the EH player!) when they will be needed at rehearsal. Thursday our picc player came and she didn't even need to be at the rehearsal at all! Fortunately she was up for reading the 2nd oboe part on flute, so that was kinda fun.

We are still looking for someone to play oboe for this concert, but I'm staying out of it after the fiasco last January. I gave them a list of all the oboists around and I hope they get someone, it makes such a difference to have a good second. After this concert, K, who played the pops concert, has agreed to play the rest of the season. I don't know why they just don't have auditions for all the empty spots!!! They seem to think no one will audition, but honestly, what harm will it do to advertise? And then, they can always turn people down if they show up and aren't good enough - and then we would be no worse off than we are now (scrambling to fill the spot for EVERY concert!) I think the 2nd oboe is the only solo spot not filled, but we always have auditions for strings of every sort. *sigh*

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