Monday, September 24, 2007


I just made two reeds this morning, and I tried a new thing G suggested. I tend to pull the thread very tight when I'm tieing on, but he said that chokes the vibrations and to tie looser. So I tried it, and so far, it is very good! My reeds still seem tighter than his, but it was MUCH easier to tie, I was pulling so hard the thread sometimes snapped while I was winding. Even my old college buddy P (who is visiting) remembers me (and the rest of the oboe studio from U of Akron) pulling really hard. Anyone care to comment?

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Patty said...

I pull tight. I have always thought that as long as you don't go above the staple that's just fine. Too loose and things get a bit sloppy ... at least for me. I would think the cane stops vibrating the minute the thread is going around it anyway. But what do I know? I'm assuming whoever has taught you this knows more than I do!